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Faux Sealing Wax (Hot Glue) Technique

With careful use of hot glue and Pearl Ex, you can get great "sealing wax" looking techniques!

Materials: hot glue gun (high or low melt), extra glue sticks, Versamark, bond paper, Pearl Ex. stipple brushes


Image was stamped in hot glue and dusted with Pearl Ex before cooling too much.

Traditional hot glue as well as low melt glues work as well but each requires a slightly different timing for stamping and setting. Glue needs to be a bit warm to hold the Pearl Ex and you may also "seal" it with a clear acrylic spray.

Few notes: You may waste a LOT of glue at first, however you can re-heat the hot glue with a heat tool and stamp again.  Also, each seal (depending upon the stamped image) uses a lot of hot glue so have an extra supply on hand.  I find that with the very hot glue melts that Neosporin and the fabric Band Aids are very effective with the pain of "checking" if the hot glue is set enough to pull up the stamp :-)


See below for step-by-step directions under photos.







1) Make a puddle of hot glue on white paper   2) Coat the rubber of the stamp with Versamark before stamping
NOTE:  If you are using low melt glue sticks, you can stamp the hot glue right away,
if you are using traditional hot glue, wait about 60 seconds for it to cool before stamping the image.

3) When the glue is hardened (but not fully cold), pull the stamp from the glued image gently
4) Dust on the Pearl Ex with a large brush very liberally

5) Peel the glue image off of the paper (it will leave a layer of paper on the back of the glue seal, making it easier to adhere to your card or gift)





Cool background is "Direct to Paper" see directions on this effect HERE

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